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Podcastle Pushes New Tools

Text to podcast along with video audio capture tools added to podcast service

PodcastlePodcasting is definitely the audio flavor of the times.

And to take advantage of that a podcasting services provider, Podcastle, has added to its audio tool chest.

According to the company, clients can now edit audio, convert text into podcasts and create usable audio clips from video and other audio sources.

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Podcastle founder and CEO Artavazd Yeritsyan said, “Although many tools have come onto the market for photo and video editing, audio technologies have been less accessible. We believe that audio will continue to be one of the fastest-growing and influential categories in storytelling.” He added, “Our goal is to remove barriers so that people can focus on creating interesting content and not have to worry about complex or expensive software to do it.”

As a further demonstration of widespread interest in the podcasting sector, the company announced funding from venture capital firm Sierra Ventures last year.