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Shure Introduces the MVX2U Digital Audio Interface

The product was designed with streamers and content creators in mind

Shure’s MVX2U Digital Audio Interface, a single-channel, XLR to USB solution, is now available for purchase. “Compact and discrete, the MVX2U’s integrated software provides access to the ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop app for any XLR microphone with little to no setup,” said the company in a press release.

The interface delivers up to +60dB of gain as well as phantom power for condenser microphones. Shure said the product was designed with streamers, podcasters and content creators in mind.

The MVX2U ships in Auto Level Mode, “acting as a virtual audio engineer to adjust levels on the fly and provide audiences with a more consistent listening experience,” said Shure.

Auto Level Mode settings, presets and additional parameters, including “vocal tone,” can be controlled through the MOTIV Desktop App. Features available in Manual Mode of the MOTIV Desktop app include EQ, limiter and compressor presets.

In its press release, Shure said the MVX2U is compatible with any XLR microphone and can be plugged directly into the XLR output of the mic or at the end of an XLR cable (in-line). The audio interface also comes with a 1m USB-C to USB-C cable.

The new Shure MVX2U is now available on and at retailers for $129 (£135).

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