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Stellar Eclipse in Space City

Shulins Solutions broadcast site monitoring and protection system installed in Houston

Shulins Solutions, Stellar Eclipse, Paul Shulins
Part of the Shulins Solutions Stellar Eclipse broadcast site monitoring and protection system installed in Houston.

A familiar name to Radio World readers Paul Shulins is the subject of our latest Who’s Buying What news.

His Shulins Solutions, a provider in select engineering services and broadcast consulting, recently installed its Stellar Eclipse monitoring system at a shared combiner and antenna facility serving four Houston stations.

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Shulins Solutions offered this description of the system: “Stellar Eclipse with our exclusive VSWR Sentinel is designed to protect and monitor these systems by constantly monitoring the VSWR on all inputs and outputs to the combiner system, refreshing these values many times every second. Anytime a VSWR is detected that exceeds a preset threshold, hard relay interlock relays are controlled that can open interlocks on connected transmitters. RF power is then removed from the system when an unsafe condition exists, thereby saving the systems from costly damage.”

It added that it, “provides unique cloud-based monitoring of many shared systems often overlooked in an individual stations remote control.”

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