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Tape Manufacturer Launches Mystik Cassette Player

Taking a cue from the vinyl resurgence, analog tape manufacturer RecordingTheMasters floats Mystik new cassette player on Kickstarter

Mystik cassette player

Cassette tapes sales are back in fashion, with sales reportedly at their highest in more than 15 years, with annual growth outpacing even vinyl’s resurgence. To celebrate, tape manufacturer RecordingTheMasters is launching a Kickstarter campaign for a new portable cassette player, Mystik.

As all analog music formats continue to rise in popularity, cassette tapes now outpace all other formats — including vinyl — in consumer-market growth, more than quadrupling since 2011. Artists including Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Jack White, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and others have all released recent albums on cassette. This year’s recent Cassette Store Day saw RecordingTheMasters partner with New York-based Dala Records for a limited-edition mixtape.

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With the rise in demand for analog music cassettes, RecordingTheMasters states its new compact analog cassette tape is the first newly produced cassette on the market to offer high-quality audio in analog format. The cassette tape is manufactured using legendary chemical formulas from AGFA and BASF at the Mulann facility in Normandy, France.

RecordingTheMasters’ new Mystik portable cassette player will feature a revamped electronic board designed with former Thomson/RCA audio engineers with an emphasis on audio playback, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a rechargeable battery. It will also feature a built-in microphone for quick start recording, a 3.5 mm-1/8-inch line jack for higher fidelity recording, a 3.5 mm-1/8-inch headphone jack and a transparent window showing the spinning wheels of the listener’s favorite cassette tape.

Expected to retail at $110 when brought to market, the Mystik portable cassette player is now available to a limited number of early backers for $78, bundled with a blank FOX C-60 high-quality audio cassette tape, during the Kickstarter fundraising period.



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