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TechSmith Expands AI Toolset in Audiate

Even in 2023, your broadcast electronics plant needs inspection and service

Generative AI continues to find its way into audio workflows, even low-cost ones.

TechSmith Corp. has added generative AI scripting and voiceover features to its Audiate audio recorder and editor. That tool, sold for $199 for a one-year subscription, is aimed at podcasters, A/V editors, social media creators and marketers. The company says it lets the user “edit audio just like they would a document.”

Audiate currently does speech-to-text transcription and remove “ums” and “ahs.” Now TechSmith says the tool can also write or revise scripts; translate them into seven languages; and provide voiceovers in 14 languages, using generative AI. Users now can create “near-instant audio projects without a writer or voice actor.”

“The new Generate Script and Generate Audio features turn Audiate into a complete audio production house,” it said. 

“For example, when creating a voiceover intro for a podcast or narration for a ‘how-to’ video, full scripts can now be generated via intuitive prompts like desired length, content type and style from a variety of options. Users can then select from over 100 different AI-generated voice actors to read the script, offering flexibility to customize the speed and pitch of the delivery.”

Creators can also use Audiate to turn TechSmith’s Camtasia product into a text-based video editor.

A free trial version is available. A one-year subscription for Audiate costs $199. Bundled with Camtasia it costs around $380.  

The software interface is available in English; transcription and audio editing are supported in seven languages.

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