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Telsat BSP Efficiently Covers Critical Areas

All-in-one transmitter package for in-fill or low-power operations

Telsat BSP, transmitters, FM transmitterTelsat says its new Broadcast Smart Platform (BSP) offers all the hardware of a complete broadcasting site in a single portable or in-fill unit.

Invented and manufactured by Telsat and its partners TRX Innovate and Plisch, the compact unit provides DTV and FM transmitters with an onboard satellite receiver to provide program material. Housed in a weatherproof shell, BSP is suitable for use outdoors and can be easily mast-mounted thanks to its small size.

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According to the company, BSP features include low-power consumption and low electromagnetic field emissions, as well as quick and easy installation by just one technician. The technology is designed to allow operators to set up a self-sufficient transmission site by using mono-directional satellite distribution. It’s also possible to power the system by means of alternative energy-sources, such as solar panels and/or batteries.

In addition, adds Telsat, the cell-based network-model uses of “smart” topology approach for the efficient coverage of critical territories. The solution transmits the signal over the critical area using low-power transmitters, and thus is able to avoid coverage of unwanted areas. This, the firm says, results in power savings and cost reduction.