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Tieline App Use “Skyrocketed” in Pandemic

Number of live broadcasts nears 6 million

Technology supplier Tieline says one way it can measure the impact of the pandemic in radio is by watching usage statistics for its live streaming app.

“There is no doubt the pandemic has led to network broadcasting workflows changing dramatically in recent months,” the company stated.

It noted that demand for remote broadcasting solutions was “huge” when the pandemic first hit, as Radio World reported, and this was reflected in use of its Report-IT Enterprise app. VP Sales APAC/EMEA Charlie Gawley said the company’s TieServer statistics showed a more than three-fold increase in app logins and use in March and April.

“Over the last few months, the statistics have stabilized, and Report-IT Enterprise use has roughly doubled compared to its use pre-pandemic,” said Gawley. “We suspect that this is the ‘new normal’ for Report-IT, certainly for the foreseeable future but perhaps also beyond that.”

The company highlights the app for its live streaming capabilities and support for operations like file recording and FTP, voice tracking and podcast recording. (Learn more about it.) Tieline also noted that people who start with the app may later upgrade to more permanent codec solutions like its ViA model.

Addressing a question that many people in broadcasting have been discussing this year, Tieline wrote: “Working and broadcasting from home is now the way things are likely to be for the foreseeable future in many regions. Major networks also openly foresee working and broadcasting from home becoming the permanent new normal for many. At the very least, station footprints are likely to reduce and support a mix of home broadcasting and studio-related work.”

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