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Tieline Gateway Line Now Supports Ravenna

Current users of these codecs can download the firmware now

Tieline Gateway, audio codecsTieline has released new firmware that allows its Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs to support Ravenna.

“Ravenna is used widely by broadcasters around the world for discovery and advertisement when streaming real-time IP audio,” the company said. “Integrating Ravenna support facilitates interfacing easily between Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs and Ravenna devices over AoIP networks.”

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The announcement was made by Tieline VP Sales APAC/EMEA Charlie Gawley, who said the addition is consistent with Tieline’s support of interoperability among manufacturers. The Gateway platform, he said, now complies with AES67, ST 2110-30, NMOS and Ravenna.

The firmware is free for current users. Info and download are available on the support page.

Tieline highlights its codecs for applications requiring the streaming of low-latency, high-quality audio over wired and wireless IP transport channels and for integrating compressed and uncompressed IP audio streams around the broadcast plant. “The codecs are often gateway devices in IP networks bridging between wide area network (WAN) nodes that may include the broadcast plant, other studios (interstudio links), production facilities and live events,” it says.

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