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Tieline Launches HTML5 TieServer Web Console

Use it to register networked codecs to a TieServer domain and control Report-IT user accounts

Tieline has released its new HTML5 TieServer Web Console management tool.

“The TieServer Web Console is used to register networked codecs to a TieServer domain and configure and control Report-IT user accounts,” the company said. “The HTML5 TieServer Web Console delivers an improved layout and more efficient control of Tieline devices connected to TieServer.”

It is offered on an annual subscription basis.

screen image of Tieline HTML5 TieServer
Main page of the HTML5 TieServer Web Console.

The company said it provides the ability to configure, view and manage large numbers of codecs, sharing servers and Report-IT user accounts. It also provides access to VIP-Connect, which delivers an automated login authentication process to assist talent and guests to log in by sending them a unique VIP-Connect URL.

“Existing customers can visit to use the updated HTML5 browser with the same login credentials as the old Java Web Start version of the TieServer Console. This landing page also provides a link to access to the old Java version.”

New customers can request a two-week Cloud Services demo at

The TieServer Console app for iOS and Android remains available as a free download to set up and manage a small number of Report-IT user accounts.