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WDR Gets Two New Remote Trucks

OB vehicles are provided by Broadcast Solutions

Broadcast Solutions, OB Vans, WDR, Westdeutscher Rundfunk KölnFrom our Who’s Buying What page: Broadcast Solutions GmbH and WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln) designed and built two radio trucks for the German public broadcaster.

“The two vehicles are part of an overall package that includes a third video OB van,” the supplier stated in a press release, adding that they are now in use in Cologne.

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“During larger productions, it could be possible that the audio control in the video OB van is no longer sufficient. In these cases, the audio control can be fully outsourced to one of the radio OB vans, with the audio control in the video OB truck being controlled in the radio OB. Both vehicles are connected via one fiber-optic cable, to exchange data and audio and video signals.”

Broadcast Solutions said WDR wanted two smaller radio vans that offer the same functionalities and acoustic values as larger vehicles. The company said its main challenges were the acoustic insulation and providing sufficient storage space that had to accommodate equipment as well as a UPS.

“The audio control uses a Lawo console (mc²56 MKIII with 48 faders) with Lawo Nova 73 Core. A Riedel MicroN system is used to connect to the video truck and as a video router,” it stated.

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