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Winter Global Radio Guide Released

19th edition includes a feature on AM DXing

Global Radio Guide Winter 2022/23

The latest edition of the Global Radio Guide, subtitled “Troubled Waters,” is now available. The 19th in the series provides international broadcast schedules and frequencies for Winter 2022/2023, which can help listeners tune in to broadcasters from around the world.

Author Gayle Van Horn (W4GVH) notes that with the ongoing war in Ukraine and tensions rising in the Taiwan Straits, international broadcasts can help keep people informed about the latest developments from these and other hotspots. In this latest edition Fred Waterer writes about monitoring international broadcasters during times of conflict, and Larry Van Horn (N5FPW) provides detailed information about monitoring military communications and other services on shortwave.

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As with its previous editions, the 19th GRG includes a 24-hour station/frequency guide for selected AM, longwave and shortwave services for more than 500 stations worldwide. It also lists DX radio programs and websites for many of the stations.

This edition also includes a feature on mediumwave DXing, including advice from DX Central’s Loyd Van Horn (W4LVH) about what to look for when purchasing a portable radio for AM DXing.

The guide is available only as a Kindle-formatted ebook through the Teak Publishing website or via Amazon. (It is available both on the main website, as well as on national versions like and