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TuneIn Targets College and Indie Radio

CEO Richard Stern has said he wants to “reinvent radio as a digital medium”

TuneIn has released an initiative it hopes will attract “emerging content creators and educational and non-profit broadcasters.” It says these smaller content creators have great stories to tell, but are struggling to get discovered in today’s highly competitive audio marketplace.

“One of our aims with the launch of TuneIn On Air,” Chief Industry Evangelist Andrew Bock said in the announcement, “is to re-energize college radio stations and independent broadcasters around the U.S. by providing them with a simple and easy-to-use way to dramatically increase their distribution through digital audio.”

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TuneIn On Air is intended to give those users “access to the same distribution tools as major broadcasters through the TuneIn platform.”

The service costs $249 per quarter for broadcasters with “specific offerings at reduced rates” for nonprofits and academic institutions. The company says the benefits to broadcasters of participating include TuneIn’s reach to connected devices and cars; access to performance analytics; and support for listener voice commands.

“Immediately upon joining TuneIn On Air, broadcasters will expand their reach to TuneIn’s 30 million United States-based listeners,” the company said.

“This new offering is aligned with TuneIn’s commitment to reinvent radio for a connected world by bringing radio distribution into the digital age and realizing its promise of an open platform for everyone.”

In late 2020, Richard Stern, former chief product officer of Audible, joined TuneIn as CEO. His stated goal for the company at the time was “to reinvent radio as a digital medium and continue to drive the live audio streaming revolution well into the future.”