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Red Peach Scores at Remotes With Report-IT

Sports broadcaster can provide juicy coverage anywhere it can get a 4G cell signal

Covering a high school baseball game, Red Peach Radio’s Nick White points to the Tieline Report-IT-equipped smartphone, his link back to the studio. RUSTON, La. — We have just finished another high school baseball season at Red Peach Radio. That’s some 30 regular season games and 18 playoff/tourney games ending with three finals games on three different stations. All of these games were done with the Report-IT app and Bridge-IT studio units, both from Tieline.

We have been using this excellent system since the fall of 2013 when we bought three Bridge-IT units, three iPhone 5C cellphones and a 10-pack of Report-IT licenses. We use this setup almost every week for sports and remotes.


Red Peach Radio first used Report-IT for high school football. Red Peach produces three football broadcasts each Friday and last season we were able to do all but three via Report-IT (due to a lack of 4G cell signal at those locations, so we used a regular 3G cell call for those three).

Last summer our afternoon sports hosts did their three-hour show live via Report-IT from CUSA Media Days for two days in Dallas, and it sounded like they were in studio.

We have been amazed at the digital sound quality that we get using Report-IT and Bridge-IT. I get calls from other broadcasters that want to know what we are using that sounds so good, even from small rural game sites.

Our standard remote kits include an iPhone 5C with Report-IT app, JK Audio RemoteMix 3.5 or 4, two Sennheiser headsets and a crowd mic. The studio setup uses the basic Bridge-IT, connected to the Web, and connected to the on-air console as any codec.

Sports Director Nick White has road-tested Bridge-IT from high school stadiums and gyms to the New Orleans Superdome. Nick says, “I was skeptical at first when I was told about the Report-IT app. One broadcast with it and I was sold. The audio quality is phenomenal, and super dependable. We even used it to broadcast state championship games from the Superdome in New Orleans, and it didn’t let us down. Report-IT is awesome.”

We use POTS codecs and ISDN for some shows and events when necessary, but Bridge-IT sounds just as good and many times better.

Another thing I really like about Report-IT is that setup is so easy. Red Peach has at least 10 people, with varying technical skill levels, who will use Report-IT. Most are acquainted with using apps, so my sportscasters and remote talent can easily set it up by hitting “connect” on the Report-IT iPhone app. The only thing needed is a good 4G cell signal at the game/remote site and a good Internet connection for Bridge-IT at the studio.

We also use Report-IT for our college tailgate events and commercial/promotional remotes. Great sound for our clients.

Tieline’s Report-IT is the answer to high-quality sports and remote broadcasts via cellphone.

For information, contact John Lackness at Tieline USA in Indiana at (317) 845-8000 or visit

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