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Save USB From Surges

L-com port fends off electrical surges

Everyone has become familiar with surge protectors in the form of power strips used with computers and many know about more ambitious surge protectors set into racks or large enough to warrant their own large free-standing metal case. These all confront surges from the electrical grid-based power sources.

But what about smaller items such as USB extenders, printers, surveillance cameras and Wi-Fi devices connected to computers? Such items could be conduits for surges and the USB ports where these items interface with a computer are very delicate — and defenseless when it comes to electrical surges.

Until now, that is. Parts-maker L-com offers the AL-ECF504-AB, a USB 2.0 connector port resistant to power surges and shielded against EM/RF interference. It is available as both Type A and Type B connectors.