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Silencing Reflections

Acoustic treatment panels aimed at project studio market

Speaker maker Equator Audio has a new supporting product for its speakers, an acoustic treatment panel. 

Called Francis Buckley/Equator Sound Abatement Panels, they were developed with Grammy-winning Engineer/Producer Francis Buckley.

The panels are made of cotton rather than fiberglass or synthetic foam materials.Also different than common acoustic treatment panels is the size. Rather than the typical 2-foot by 4-foot panel, the FB/E panels are smaller at 1-foot by 2-foot. This allows them to be more easily placed in a project studio. They are 2 inches deep. Equator says the panels have a noise reduction coefficient of 1.05 and a sound absorption average of 1.04. They come four to a box, in black. Price: $149.

Buckley has produced a video about the panels.