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Software-Based Sound Processing From Digispot

Now supports multiprogram dynamic audio processing of on-air audio streams

HAMBURG, Germany — The Digispot II software-based audio processing software from Hamburg-based Digispot now supports multiprogram dynamic audio processing of on-air audio streams.

Digispot II uses specialized audio processing algorithms letting users benefit from automatic preset switching, as well as a number of other features, says the firm. The automatic preset switching function allows operators to define different sound schemes for different types and styles of content (such as ads, news, music, commercials), by switching the presets. The company adds that listeners won’t even notice that switching is taking place.

With an appropriate sound card Digispot II can generate a 192 kHz stereo MPX with RDS data, eliminating the need for a hardware processor.

This sound processing is the “perfect complement” for Digispot Streaming 4.0,” explains the company. Digispot Streaming 4.0 is an all-in-one streaming solution — based on Digispot II — and includes automatic music rotation, playout schedule generation and direct playout by streaming.

For information, contact Digispot in Germany at +49-40-2298883 or visit

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