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Stanton Turntables Combine Old and New

New models include USB output, allow DJs to archive and convert vinyl into MP3

Radio stations, vinyl fans and other industry folks using turntables may find the T.92 USB or the T.55 USB from Stanton for them.

Both the T.92 and the T.55 are traditional full-size platter turntables but with a USB output for interfacing directly for recording or use with a digital audio workstation. RCA outputs allow for S/PDIF and traditional analog output. Pitch control is an additional feature.

The T.92 is a direct drive turntable with an S-style tone arm while the T.55 is belt-driven with a straight tone arm. Both motor along at 33 rpm or 45 rpm and the T.92 bumps up to 78 rpm.

The retail packages also include a slip mat, dust cover Stanton 500.V3 cartridge and lite Cakewalk Pyro software for recording and simple editing and click & pop cleanup.

The T.92 USB is priced at $299 suggested retail, and the T.55 USB at $199.