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SW on CD

Third CD in series looking back at the halcyon days of shortwave broadcasting

What was good for those suffering behind the Iron Curtain turned out to be not so good for fans of shortwave radio.

Ian McFarland, producer of the “Yesterday and Today” CD series, and others offer that perspective in the most recent release, part of the series examining shortwave radio.

Much of the third release is taken up by a pair of shows that he and Bob Zanotti did in 1989 examining the international shortwave broadcasting scene. Also included in the release is a later panel discussion debating the fate of shortwave and contributions by several other shortwave fans from a shortwave festival.

McFarland said: “This latest CD set is quite a departure from the previous two sets in that it examines the field of SW broadcasting as it was two decades ago, and, along with a look at the vastly changed present day situation, a look into the future. I’m hoping that active SWLs around the world will be interested in what some of the experts think and also how some of their fellow SWLs view things… And it’s all to benefit a good cause.”

The cost in North America is $15. Proceeds from the sale of the CD benefit a Canadian food bank.