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How to Get the Most Out of SGrewind

It allows listeners to use a “scrubbing feature” within the audio app

This is one in a series of occasional articles about how to get the most out of popular radio broadcast products.

David Bialik consults to StreamGuys.

How content managed by SGRewind might look on a mobile device.
How the content might look on a mobile device.

When I was working for, producers for the news and sport stations all wanted a rewind feature on the mobile app.

These producers were hearing from listeners who enjoy the rewind functionality of live video platforms like TiVo and video on-demand platforms like Netflix, and they wanted similar functionality for their radio stations.

With rewind controls, a user can play the content they missed or replay content for clarity. Dr. Who would be perplexed with this timey-whimey issue.

StreamGuys kept this user experience in mind when they developed SGrewind. This service allows the listeners to use a “scrubbing feature” within the audio app.

The scrubbing can be configured to go back to the previous segment or to go back in timed increments.

If you are streaming a sport, you are giving the audience their own “instant replay.” Listeners of a talk show may want to re-listen to the last person who spoke. How many times have you listened to the news and want to hear a story again for clarification?

My favorite use is to “rewind” and hear the weather or traffic again.

Not to worry, you do not have to get Mr. Peabody and the Wayback machine. SGrewind is relatively easy to set up.

You do not need to be using StreamGuys as your live streaming CDN (though I am sure they would not mind if you already a customer). You can send them the same encoded source as your live stream.

StreamGuys will provide you a graphical user interface to configure how SGrewind will work and what your audience will be able to do.

They will then do their SGrewind magic, encoding the stream and sending it out.

The SGRewind Management Module
The SGRewind Management Module is web-based.

They will work with your development team (if you have one) to enable the rewind feature on your player or they can provide a turnkey, rewind-capable player for your website.

Yes, I have simplified the process here, but SGrewind can add a nice feature for your streaming audience to use and make your streams look unique to potential advertisers. And isn’t that what it is all about?

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