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Tensilica Ships DRM-Capable IC

Two customers license HiFi 2 DRM decoder

Seeking an all-in-one solution for radio receiver manufacturers, chip technology developer Tensilica has announced a set of DRM-decoding instructions for the HiFi 2 DSP audio core. It says the addition makes the HiFi 2 DSP capable of handling DAB, DAB+, HD Radio and DRM digital radio broadcast architectures.

The HiFi 2 is a chip core that can be placed onto an SOC (system-on-chip) to create a radio receiver on a single chip that can then be placed into a consumer receiver.

Tensilica Director of Mobile Multimedia Larry Przywara said: “In today’s economy, manufacturers don’t have the luxury of developing different radios for geographic markets. No single SOCs including the HiFi 2 audio DSP can be compatible with all global digital radio standards… Two Tensilica customers have already licensed the HiFi 2 DRM decoder.”

He added: “Tensilica’s HiFi 2 audio DSP will enable development of low-cost DRM receivers by leveraging the aggregate investment in all the digital standards for highly integrated multistandard SOCs. HiFi 2 provides a proven, approved, drop-in audio solution.”

The DRM standard is used for digital radio in much of the world. Approval for use in North America is pending.