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The A-game for Mic/Headphone Amplifiers

New company offers interface box

There’s a new kid in town, A-game Engineering. Its first product is the MA-1122, a battery-operated microphone preamplifier and headphone amplifier.

The MA-1122 has a front-panel Neutrik XLR connector and 1/4-inch headphone connector. The rear panel has XLR-1/4-inch combo input, 1/4-inch input, XLR mic loop output, 1/40inch line level output and a Phoenix connector with inputs and output.

An optional AC adaptor is available. It is also available in five colors: black, red, blue, gold and green.

A-game Engineering said, “The small footprint, portability and versatility of the MA-1122 lends itself to many applications including remote sporting events, broadcast booth use, last minute press conferences, locker room interview positions and more. ”

A-game says it is a start-up created by a founder with over 40 years in the broadcast audio business.

Price: $369