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Thimeo Touts Processing Tools

The software can process FM, AM and all digital formats

Thimeo, Stereo Tool, software audio processorsUDEN, Netherlands Netherlands-based Thimeo Audio Technology is putting focus on its Thimeo Stereo Tool audio processor and Thimeo WatchCat file-based processing utility.

The company says its Stereo Tool can be used for almost anything the software can process FM, AM and all digital formats, both live and file-based, and can run as a plug-in in many playout programs. Stereo Tool can generate any type of sound, adds Thimeo, from open and dynamic to dense and squashed, without causing distortion or listener fatigue.

When used for FM, Stereo Tool, which includes a stereo and RDS encoder, is designed to generate a signal that’s “extremely loud, dynamic and clean,” while simultaneously improving reception in fringe and multipath areas, the company says. In addition to its audio processing functions, the company says its Stereo Tool can also repair potential issues, such as digital clipping, lossy compressor artifacts and disturbing tones. For low bitrate streams, the cleaned-up audio reduces low bitrate artifacts, allowing for improved sound at the same bitrate, or the same quality at a lower bitrate.

Thimeo Audio Technology also offers Thimeo WatchCat, a file-based processing utility. WatchCat is able to convert, process and normalize files to RMS, LKFS, or peak level.

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Thimeo WatchCat can “watch” folders and process anything that’s placed in them automatically, or files can be dropped onto it. Custom scripting is available to perform actions for all files, and for example to process video files.

Free trial versions of Thimeo Stereo Tool and Thimeo WatchCat are available at

For information, contact Thimeo Audio Technology in the Netherlands at [email protected] or visit