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User Report: Tweaking the Stream With Telos 9X/2

Galaxy House World gets twice the mileage out of one processor

FLASSANS-SUR-ISSOLE, FRANCE — In 1993, I founded Galaxie Radio, a terrestrial FM station in France, which I sold 20 years later in 2013 to a Parisian group called HPI. Why? I was bored playing the same 40 songs over and over again via a format with sometimes 22 minutes of ads per hour. I will tell you that the one pleasure I had was tweaking preprocessing and my three Omnia 6EXis, which I had on each of the three frequencies we had at that time!

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But you know, when you’ve got the music bug, it’s hard to shake.

So in January 2015, I decided to build Galaxy House World (I had to change the spelling a bit for the new operation) as a web-only service from my own studio. We have regular listeners in 67 countries and are growing every day.

I have two passions with Galaxy House World: first, the music itself, an eclectic mix of electronic and urban; second, the audio quality, which must be the best available.

I am particular about the audio quality of Galaxy House World and so are my listeners, which is why I chose Telos Z/IPStream 9X/2 Streaming Software. Based on technology in the popular Omnia.9 audio processor, 9X/2 is not simply a streaming processor/encoder, but a complete audio management system that will actually improve the flaws found in recorded source material, both music and voice, while addressing the specific technical challenges of Internet distribution.

Setting up the 9X/2 was just as simple as setting up a Microsoft Office pack. Although there are many well-developed presets you can use with the Z/IPStream 9X/2, I’m a “tweaker” and particular about my audio. I was able to go deep with the 9X/2 and sculpt the sound the way I wanted. Honestly, I have never found a processing/encoding software program where you have the option to go into as much detail in creating your signature sound.

I serve two streams — one for the net and one for the apps I created for iPhone, Android and Windows 3G/4G mobile phones. I was able to carefully tweak and process the two streams differently in the same session without having to buy a second license. It was just magic. It was as if I had not just one Omnia 9X/2 but two, both using the same audio source from my automation, and it was able to process the two streams differently. On my iPhone and Apple Car Play via a Bose sound system in my car, even at low bitrate, Galaxy House World sounds far better than a typical FM radio station. And, on top of that, it never loses the signal.

The main Galaxy House World signal,, is encoded with 192 kbps AAC LC. The second signal,, is 48 kbps HE-AAC V2.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Z/IPStream 9X/2 is the best processing and encoding software on the market.

For information, contact Cam Eicher at Telos Systems in Ohio at (216) 241-7225 or visit