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VMP Offers Wall-Mounted Rack

Sometimes there’s not enough floor space

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Video Mount Products realizes that sometimes a room space just doesn’t have enough floor space or that maybe a full floor-based rack is too much space for a couple of pieces of light equipment.

So VMP developed the


, a standard 19-inch rack that is wall-mounted. The basics for it are 12 rack spaces on four adjustable rails for solid anchoring of equipment, standard 10-32 threading with a load capacity of 120 pounds.

Extra features include a back panel that is hinged and removable. The side panels are also removable and lockable (locks not included). Top-panel vents allow for cooling and ventilation options. It is constructed of welded steel and has a black powdercoat finish.

A glass front door is a nice touch and adds security. It includes cable knockouts on the top and bottom. Overall size is 24.4 inches x 21.9 inches x 25.3 inches.

VMP President Keith Fulmer explains, “The ERWEN-12E is a workhorse of a wall-mounted rack enclosure,” saying it was designed for places “where space is at a premium, getting equipment off the floor and up on the wall is a must when floor standing equipment racks just won’t do.”

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