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WinLogger Eases Audio Production

Audio recorder and logger is part of WinMedia 2.12 software suite

Version 2.12 of the WinMedia software suite features several new integrated elements, including the WinLogger.

A multichannel audio recorder and logger, WinLogger, which is part of the WinMedia interface and application and uses the same database, permits the automatic archiving and exportation of programs to a database, FTP site, podcast or other supported media.

The integration of WinLogger into the WinMedia software suite brings many advantages, says the company, such as the possibility to record with the same audio or video device in various formats and quality levels; total control of recording via “start” and “stop” IP software commands; immediate access to media property windows in WinMedia library; and broadcasting, editing, publishing, extracting and exporting of an audio file while it is being recorded.

It also allows for the constant synchronization between recorded audio files and broadcast history logs and is always available for immediate consultation and automatic exportation of recorded files via the Podcast tool.

According to the company, the WinMedia logger option facilitates productivity and content production. Audio recordings can be sent to WinMedia Editor for fast and efficient post-production, it says, without having to going through long transfers, conversions, import steps, and other quality downgrading steps.

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