Wireworks Herds Cats

Cable manufacturer launches multi-wire Cat-5e cable
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It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of using Cat-5 cables, considered an “installation” product unworthy of broadcaster interest, for broadcast-dedicated applications was considered absurd. Yet recent technological advances in multichannel IP audio have put Cat-5 cabling and RJ-45 connectors front and center in the modern digital studio/facility. So, what’s the next step?

Wireworks, a cable and connector developer and manufacturer, has developed a multi-wire Cat-5e cable. The MCAT5 carries six channels of Cat-5e cabling in one slender cable with RJ-45 (or Neutrik Ethercon) fan-outs at the ends. Each connector is color-coded. Attaching the fan-outs are Wireworks G-Block multi-pin connectors.

The whole run should support 10/100/100baseT signals. Optional tails are available for expansive cable-sharing technologies of up to 12 channels per run. Cable lengths can run up to 250 feet.

Wireworks President Gerald Krulewicz said the product can replace multiple network cable runs in a single, durable cabling solution.


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So we arrive at the emerging Cat-6...As of this writing, the TIA/EIA 568 committee is on Draft 10a. How many drafts until they are finished? Well, it took until Draft 14 to finish work on Category 5e, so don't hold your breath.