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Broadcast Tech Continues to Evolve in Switzerland

SRG has been broadcasting in both DAB and DAB+

The DAB+ offering in Switzerland will soon increase to more than 100 radio programs.

Since 2012, SRG has been broadcasting nine of its radio programs using both DAB and DAB+ (shown above is an image from the SRG website). The �plain old� DAB transmission will come to an end on the 15th of November.SRG has given listeners four years to make the transition. Some older DAB radios can be given further life with use of a DAB+ adapter.

To ensure that previous and newly installed DAB+ radio programs can be received, a radio transmitter �scan� will be required�after Nov. 15 at 2:15 pm local time.

It�s expected that in 2020 the gradual replacement of FM with DAB+ will begin across Switzerland, reports