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Can Radio Still Exist Without Digital?

Jean-Paul Pilippot of RTBF speculates on the future of radio.

An interesting article is seen in La Lettre on this day, entitled: �Without digital radio, could radio still exist?�� In this article, Jean-Paul Philippot, the deputy head of RTBF, was quoted, thus:� �The future of radio is digital.� If we do not do digital radio in Europe, the probability that there will be radio 20 years from now is low.� Our future depends on it.� This requires a common European standard because of radio�s place in the car.� We need to offer hybrid radio, coupling digital radio and the internet, as they complement one another.�

�Digital is the hope and salvation of radio.� Either we switch to digital radio, or you�ll end up in the hands of foreign aggregators like Spotify and You Tube.� The debate against digital radio was conducted by operators that wish to keep in oligopolistic market.�� You have in France the groups that do not support the digital future.�

Mr. Philippot made these remarks while being interviewed on television in France.�