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Digital Radio Norway’s DAB Tour Continues as National FM Shutdown Nears Completion

In December, the national FM radio stations will shut down in the Troms and Finnmark areas in Norway

Tommy Gaustad. Credit: Tor Kjetil Kristoffersen.

OSLO � In December, the national FM radio stations will shut down in the Troms and Finnmark areas in Norway. Digital Radio Norway, on their DAB tour, featuring the turquoise Mitsubishi and its accompanying trailer, recently stopped in at Lakselv square, to help listeners prepare for the upcoming change.�

A reporter from asked the Tommy Gaustad, of Digital Radio Norway, about signal levels around Finnmark, and published his answers in this short article. Gaustad refers to an app and says �the signals in the area really should be very good.�So then they [listeners] have to go out with the car and check it [for themselves].�

“Do you feel very bad for bad DAB coverage in Finnmark?� they ask him.

�No, not really,� he replied.� �And [there] is not bad coverage in Finnmark. At least not for NRK’s ??channels…it’s a bit worse with the commercial channels, because they have not been built with as many transmitters.�

But he says that there may be small adjustments that help people get signals.

“It [is] critical which way you have the antenna and the location of the radio.�And then we will not hide that there is a difference in quality on radios � you can get signals on a radio somewhere, while you cannot handle it with a lower quality radio,� said Gaustad.

He says that in the car it’s important that the antenna is installed correctly.

Interestingly, it�s being reported that a new DAB transmitter will be turned up in Lakselv before Christmas, improving coverage for P4 and Radio Norway, according to

On Dec. 13, NRK and the nationwide channels will cease broadcasting on FM, though Local FM radio stations will continue until at least Dec. 31, 2021.