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Internet Radio Stations Fighting Fire With Fire

Some streamers in the Netherlands have chosen DAB + to expand their range

AMSTERDAM � So what can you do if you are an internet-only radio station, and you want to attract and keep more listeners?�

Why, you get on the radio. Over-the-air radio. What else?

In the Netherlands, an ever-increasing group of internet stations is choosing that means of gaining potential listeners. For many internet stations, digital radio was unreachable because of the high costs, but �…the many experiments with DAB + at local level now show that DAB + is also accessible to smaller Internet stations,� according to The number of places where local DAB + networks are on air is growing: Zandvoort, Leiden, North Holland, Noordoost-Groningen, Duivendrecht, The Hague, Rijswijk, Wageningen, Eindhoven, Waddinxveen, Nijkerkerveen, Emmeloord, Ravenstijn and Vlaardingen are active already.

Previous streamers taking advantage of local DAB+ include Dance Radio, AMW, Olympia Radio, Mix724, Paprika Tasty Radio, Radio4 Brainport, RTVeluwe, Veluwe Canon, Pro FM Dance, Hitland Radio and JouwMNL. These online stations chose DAB + to expand their range, and some are even located on multiple DAB+ networks.

Maybe there is something to that �radio� thing after all.��