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Konsole Labs Uses Push Notifications to Send Audio Files

New technology from German company allows you to also send audio in a new way

BERLIN �German software firmKonsole Labsintroduced a new service at the recent European Radio Show in Paris.�Push Audiouses what is known as push notificationsto deliver audio files directly to your mobile phone.�

Up until now it�s been easy to use this method to send your text messages, such as breaking news; but the new technology from German Konsole Labs allows you to also send audio files in the same way,�

Maximilian Knop of Konsole Labs pointed out, during his presentation at the show, that radio listeners often are distracted by other events, such as text messages. Push Audio can now do the opposite � audio from a radio station can now take away attention from other platforms.

Knop could not cite any radio stations currently using the technology; but he demonstrated just how easily the station could send a news report, in the form of a 30 second audio file, to a mobile phone. The user does not need to do anything other than pressing the message icon, after which the audio plays automatically.� Push notifications can be combined with apps for a mobile phone, for example a radio player; and listeners will get with an Audio Push although they did not actually listen to the radio.�