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Nearly Half of French Citizens are Aware of Digital Radio

Interesting results of a poll of French citizens was brought to light by Valere Correard in

PARIS�Interesting results of a poll of French citizens were brought to light by Valere Correard in� Nearly half of the poll respondents (1009 persons of at least 18 years of age) are aware of digital radio �without any public communication and even though most of the ‘big’ media avoid the subject in their editorial choices.� To be more precise, 45% of respondents have heard of digital radio and 16% are well aware of what it is.

From the same survey, regarding the use of streaming audio, three negative aspects were identified:

  • The need to be in a coverage area for mobile services (70% noted)
  • The need to pay for high-speed access (67% noted)
  • Traceability and lack of anonymity (55% noted)

Another question was posed regarding how much money potential users of digital radio are willing to spend on a new radio.� The average amount turned out to be 21 Euros; 16% answered more than 30 Euros; 20% answered less than 29 Euros. �