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Nick Piggott Addresses RadioDNS at BroadcastAsia 2018

He says "we want radio’s presentation to feel more like an app"

SINGAPORE — While many broadcasters are having an argument about whether the future of radio is over-the-air broadcast or internet, RadioDNS’ Nick Piggot told the recent BroadcastAsia conference, “This is the wrong argument.” 

“They are both viable distribution platforms to make money from consumer time spent listening audio businesses,” Piggot said, according to

Piggott, who is the RadioDNS project director, has previously written about the details of RadioDNS in Radio magazine. RadioDNS uses the benefits of over-the-air broadcasts and the benefits of the internet, and combines them to improve the variety of radio and to reduce distribution costs.

“We want hybrid radio that is as open as broadcast radio,” Piggot said. “We are building RadioDNS for the benefit of audiences and operators…we want radio’s presentation to feel more like an app, to compete with the contemporary look of the new services. Metadata is boring, but it is important. Without it, your radio station will not be found in car radios in the future.”