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Pilot Creates Prototype App at GM Hackathon

“Hacking” isn’t always a bad thing

WASHINGTON � The tech arm of the National Association of Broadcasters continues to focus on hybrid radio solutions and the connected car.

In his latest�blog post, NAB Pilot Senior Director of Advanced Engineering David Layer has provided insights into the NAB efforts.�

In February, automaker GM sponsored a hackathon at the Tampa Hackerspace in Tampa, Fla., intended to encourage development of GM vehicle apps to demonstrate hybrid radio technology.

NAB Pilot sent a team to participate in the event alongside approximately 70 app developers, who worked with GM�s software development kit for its MyLink infotainment platform. Layer says it �provides developers with access to real-time data from over 300 signals on the vehicle� as part of its �native HTML5 and Javascript framework.� The hackathon resulted in 13 prototype apps.

Pilot�s Radio++ is a hybrid radio app in that it combines internet and interactivity with traditional radio (hence the two �plus� symbols). In the app, local stations are organized and accessible by genre, changeable by touchscreen which displays graphics and/or advertisements integrated with the navigation system. Stations can also connect their Twitter feed, which is integrated with text-to-speech so that listeners can safely hear the information or tweet to the station.

Read the full blog on Pilot�swebsite.