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× Broadcasters Will Soon Start Use of RadioDNS

The platform, which represents more than 600 private broadcasters in Germany, will begin the shift in mid-April

MUNICH, Germany��A recent survey found that 8 out of 10 drivers in Europe find the car radio to be �indispensable.�� To improve what is seen in the new car radio displays, stations can make use of the new technology of RadioDNS, but so far, not that many are doing so, according With RadioDNS a broadcaster can show station names, logos, and of course the FM and DAB + frequencies. Car radios can automatically switch to the next frequency if they drive beyond the transmission area of ??the transmitter.�It is envisaged that the service will be supplemented with photos, graphics and other information.

The platform�,�which represents more than 600 private broadcasters in Germany, along with ARD (an organization of Germany’s regional public-service broadcasters), will start working in conjunction with RadioDNS in mid-April.

�The radio continues be important in the car, because it guarantees fast service, entertainment and information,� said Radio Player Germany Managing Director Hans-Dieter Hillmoth. He said that will close an important gap in Germany, when stations available via the player start using RadioDNS as well. is a mobile app for smartphones but is also available for tablets and PCs.�Stations currently available via the app include 496 private stations, 116 ARD radio stations, 247 FM and DAB stations, and 365 specially-produced channels.�The apps are downloadable for free from the app stores of Apple, Android and Windows Phone.� is a non-profit project for the �strengthening of radio in Germany� and provides the association with RadioDNS for free.