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Will Google Pixel Support the FM Chip? UPDATED

New smartphone has the headphone jack but is it connected to an antenna?

ALEXANDRIA, Va.�Google is pushing to more tightly integrate its digital products with the physical world, a move bolstered byintroduction of new hardware.

Of particular interest to broadcasters will be the Pixel and Pixel XL.These smartphonesclaim some impressive specs� long battery life, good storage options, and excellent camera and more. Google also includes the standard 3.55 mm headphone jack for both phones � highlighted in the introductory video (a pointed dig at rival Apple�s decision to remove theirs).

In the U.S., Pixel will be carried exclusively by Verizon. However, unlocked phones will be sold online and through BestBuy, enabling consumers who use AT&T, Sprint and other mobile carriers to also get their hands on the goods.�

However, what is not yet clear is whether or not the phone is FM chip compatible.�

UK-based Radio magazine contributor and RadioDNS Project Director Nick Piggott observed on Twitter that �it�s got the right Qualcomm silicon in it to be FM compat… but did they connect the antenna to the 3.5mm socket…?�

Despite the many tech specs that have already been unveiled, that question remains unanswered, at least for now.

�I reached out to press representatives at Google; they could not be reached for comment. If any additional information is forthcoming, I will update this or a subsequent article.

NextRadio�representative�Maura Kautsky told Radio in an email that��this is not an issue; just like the Apple phones we can use the USB jack, just as we use the headset port as the antenna to get FM radio.�