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WorldDMB Hosts European Automotive Event in Brussels

Broadcasters from across Europe called for digital radio to be fitted as standard equipment in all cars

BRUSSELS�At the WorldDMB European Automotive Event, held May 20 in Brussels, broadcasters from across Europe called for digital radio to be fitted as standard equipment in all cars to give drivers access to the benefits of digital radio services. The last six months have seen a stream of political developments across Europe in support of digital radio:

������� Norway was the first country in the world to confirm digital switchover in 2017 � followed by Switzerland in 2020-24.

������� In Germany, the public broadcasters (ARD) have confirmed a long term commitment to DAB+ and the BMVI, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, has established a cross-industry Steering Board to ensure progress.

������� UK government support has seen a further extension in DAB road coverage, and a second multiplex will go on air in 2016. Denmark has announced a new roadmap for digital radio moving to DAB+. The Netherlands will also continue to roll out new regional multiplexes.

������� In Italy and Poland coverage continues to increase, while the French regulator is beginning a consultation on the second wave of cities to adopt digital radio, after Paris, Nice and Marseille.

Digital radio coverage levels are now approaching FM equivalence � reaching 99 percent�of the population in Norway and Switzerland, over 95 percent�in Denmark, the UK and Netherlands, 91 percent in Germany and 68 percent�in Italy. At the conference broadcasters presented the joint initiatives taken in countries around Europe to ensure digital radio for drivers.

In the WorldDMB press release on the event, Patrick Hannon, President, WorldDMB, was quoted thus:�Digital radio has reached a tipping point in Europe. The first countries have confirmed Digital Switchover dates and political commitment towards digital radio is building in many other markets. Digital radio offers significant benefits to drivers. The technology is tried and tested. Now is the time for car manufacturers to embrace the opportunity.�