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Station owner finds Web-based service cuts costs and simplifies operations

ABILENE, TEXAS — I have been working in radio for 35 years, about 20 of those in small markets and 15 in Dallas as a sales manager. Small-market radio was a great training ground for me, as it provided me with knowledge on most aspects of radio station operation.

One of which was traffic and understanding how it was supposed to work.

I left Dallas radio in 2013 to pursue my dream of station ownership. This was when I was introduced to My first thought before any investigation was I wanted something familiar. However I also knew of Dave Scott and his pioneering approach to radio, so I jumped in and learned about the program. I needed to learn about the program from the ground up, to give me a good sound basis on what I was going to be managing.

When I first took over, I hired a full-time traffic manager. Then I switched to using a contract person after three months, which was 20 percent of the cost of the full-time person. After two months of using a contract person, I switched to doing it myself. I had to learn it quickly and thoroughly. The team at was accessible and offered assistance whenever I needed it. Plus, they listened to my suggestions.

It takes me about 30 minutes a day to do two radio stations using

Along with that, it emails spot times to all of our clients and makes everything seamless for me. Reports are incredibly simple. Billing is a snap. I simply follow a laid out workflow to process all billing, including co-op.

Also, there is a feature that allows me to have invoices and statements sent automatically via email. This greatly improves collection times.

Another great feature during this process is that gives me the option to automatically apply all prepayments before billing.

The new EZ Net feature has taken countless hours of work off my week when managing my network schedules. I click one button and all my network orders are imported from the various websites, scheduled and assigned cart numbers. There are no more orders to input or assign cart numbers to. The system handles all of this for me. Prior to the addition of EZ Net, managing the network schedules was chaos. Now I have time to see clients and I manage the logs at the end of each day. In addition, I work from the road a lot. So doing traffic remotely is a breeze. is a Web-based program so I never have to be tied down to the office to get logs done. I guess to sum it up, was designed for simplification. Working the logs is not a complicated process. The system manages almost all of it for me. If my inventory gets tight, moving spots is a simple drag and drop or click a dropdown to reschedule. Make-goods are just as simple.

All in all, the ease, simplicity and power of are saving me about $30K per year in payroll. As an owner, the price is right and the cost savings alone make the product great.

For information, contact Dave Scott at in Texas at (866) 500-0500 or visit