IBiquity, Band to Promote HD Radio

IBiquity is trying something different to promote HD Radio.

The tech developer is partnering with a new pop band,Totsy, to promote digital radio.

Totsy will join Brian Setzer’s Christmas Rocks! Tour for 22 shows this month and next.

Through the partnership, HD Radio stations will engage in creative promotional opportunities that highlight Totsy and digital radio.

IBiquity President/CEO Bob Struble says Totsy has a unique sound. “They’re a band that understands the importance of innovation, the power of radio and the new outlets HD Radio broadcasting brings to new artists.”

Surround sound is part of the HD Radio presentation for the tour courtesy of DTS.

Totsy co-founder Brett Boyett says HD Radio technology “gives artists creative new ways to reach and build our audience.”

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This is the strangest story about HD Radio that I have ever seen. If iBiquity wants to promote HD Radio they should eliminate the royalty fee on receivers and chipsets. Yes, that extra couple of dollars per unit _does_ make a difference to receiver manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers. The radio stations are the ones that benefit from HD Radio, they should be the ones paying.
By Mike Stevens on 11/30/2012

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