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Check Out This Crazy Video About Neural TTS

A Microsoft video for gaming developers gives insight into where TTS tech is going

If you’re like me, you find the developments in artificial voice technologies to be both fascinating and unsettling. 

Unsettling because of what those developments might mean not only for people who work in radio and voice professions, but for security and transparency across our culture.

The video you can watch below is a sophisticated sales pitch for Microsoft’s Azure Speech SDK. It is targeted to the gaming community. But I bet if you work in radio, voiceovers, IT or general technology fields you’ll find it intriguing for the look it offers at how the tech behind today’s text to speech, or TTS, systems have evolved. 

Deb Adeogba, the host, is senior program manager at Microsoft AI Cognitive Services. 

(Radio World contributor Dan Slentz shared this video with me. When he was director of engineering at KOB(TV) in Albuquerque, Adeogba was production manager; he saw her obvious talent and brought her over to the IT and engineering side of that operation, and he has followed her career.)

The video is lengthy, but I couldn’t stop watching. Hope you enjoy it too. Let me know.

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