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Well Done, Donna

And welcome, Gregg and Nick!

Congratulations to Radio World contributor Donna Halper, who recently was inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame

Longtime readers know her as a widely respected consultant, author and university professor (with a doctorate, no less), as well as the woman who discovered the rock band Rush when she was on the air in Cleveland. She also received the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame Pioneer Award, given “to individuals who have distinguished themselves over decades for lasting contributions made to the broadcast industry and through a leadership role in their particular craft.” That’s Donna, for sure. You can read her recent Radio World articles here including her great piece on the evolving role of radio in the lives of the visually impaired.

Donna Halper

Meanwhile attentive readers will have noticed two new bylines in recent issues. 

I’m pleased to welcome Gregg Skall of Telecommunications Law Professionals, who will be writing on legal and regulatory matters. Gregg is among that small number of lawyers with truly deep expertise in broadcast law and FCC policies that affect radio stations. He wrote our cover story about marijuana advertising last month.

Gregg Skall

Also welcome to Nick Langan. He’s the operations manager at Villanova University’s 89.1 WXVU in Villanova, Pa., and a lifelong radio enthusiast, with a special interest in long-distance FM signal reception; he’s the designer of the free RadioLand app that locates “listenable” FM radio stations from a given location in North America. You have read Nick’s articles about Joe and Jeff Geerling’s YouTube videos and iHeartMedia’s recent investment in AM facilities. Radio World is proud to have Donna, Gregg and Nick sharing their expertise with you.

Nick Langan

Finally, my apologies to Dan Kelley for misspelling his last name in our story about state EAS plans in July. We dropped an “e” — it’s probably not the first time it has happened to him, but as someone who still occasionally gets snail mail addressed to Paul McLove, I like to get the names right!

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