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High School Radio Week Approaches

The day becomes a week for new generation broadcasters

Ralph Martin is the radio station and conservator director/instructor at KVCB(LP/HD), Vacaville Christian High School, Vacaville, Calif.

High School Radio Week is approaching, April 21 to 28. It’s a time to celebrate this vibrant part of the broadcast landscape. This year it’s expanded to a week to allow schools to plan weekend events. The yearly celebration is a continuation of the six-year tradition started by Pete Bowers, recently retired broadcast instructor at WBFH Bloomfield Hills High School, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

To truly understand the meaning of this annual event, let’s take a quick look at how a few of the approximately 180 high school stations across the nation are celebrating.

KVCB, 100.9 FM, Vacaville Christian High School — Vacaville, Calif. (

At our station, we’re holding a 24-hour marathon April 21st from our studios; inviting local bands and broadcast alumni along with our current student broadcasters. Great Fun!

KMIH, 88.9 FM, Mercer Island High School — Seattle (

They plan to salute High School Radio week with a visit from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer Alan White of Yes as well as many other local sports and news broadcasters. Their instructor is Joe Bryant.

WRPS, Rockland High School — Rockland, Mass. (

Their director, Lisa Breedan, made the graphics for the promotional product line.

WIQH, Concord Carlisle High School — Concord, Mass. (

In honor of High School Radio Week, WIGH plans a full day of programming featuring some of their most popular programs, broadcasting live from their school’s main lobby. They’ll also be airing high school radio promos throughout the whole week, with each promo presenting a quick fact about high school radio in general or WIQH in particular. Their director is Ned Roos.

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WJWS, Jasper High School — Jasper, Ind. (

They’re looking into having their “Made from Scratch” Drive Thru Bake Sale to sometime within that week, Definitely fun times in Jasper. Their director is Evan Elrod.

WRWW, Lowell Area Schools — Lowell, Mich. (

The WRWW crew plans to set up in the hallway, adjacent to their radio studio, and broadcast from that location from 7:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on the original National High School Radio Day, Wednesday, April 25th. They’ll have displays set up and will be interviewing other students that day. Local dignitaries and administrators will be asked to drop by. They’ve just completed putting together a WRWW mobile radio studio, a new 6 feet x 11 feet enclosed cargo trailer that will also make its debut. Al Eckman is their station manager.

WBDG, Ben Davis High School — Indianapolis (

WBDG will be holding its annual fundraising drive culminating in a 40-hour radio marathon April 27 and 28. Wow! Their director is Jon Easter.

What will other high school stations be doing? Celebrating in their unique way, with live shows; guests from the professional broadcast media; selling cool t-shirts, or just doing what they do day in and day out.

If you want to hear some vibrant radio from a fascinating perspective, high school radio is alive and thriving across the nation. Join us as we celebrate!

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