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Letter: Another Brick Wall

Just say "no thank you" ... or just "no"

The author is president of Henry Engineering in Seal Beach, Calif.

Weezer “Can’t Knock the Hustle” vs. U2 “Where the Streets Have No Name.” Image is from the original article; click the image to read it.

Please let me add my 2 cents’ worth regarding music tracks that have been clipped and trashed with “brick-wall” audio processing (May 27, Opinion section).

The next time your radio station receives a CD or file that has been brick-wall limited, simply return it to the sender with an impersonal form letter saying “The music you have supplied is defective and/or unsuitable for broadcast. We do not air any material that is detrimental to our listenership,” or words to that effect.

If a few hundred radio stations return a few thousand, refusing to air them, perhaps the music producers and record labels will fix the problem.

We can only hope!

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