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Letter: Lubricating Contactors

Silicone, yay or nay?

An earlier version of this post misidentified the author.

Silicone spray can be used on RF contacts.-040319

I saw Mark Persons’ two articles this year on “Best Practices for AM Directional Systems.”

I too have used silicone to lubricate contactors, but I found over the years that often it collected dirt and dust in the contacts and sometimes just didn’t seem to really fix the issue with sluggish contactors.

I was able to fix a particularly troublesome contactor by switching to a dry lubricant using graphite because it wouldn’t get “gummy” over time.

WD40, CRC and Blaster offer aerosol delivery of graphite dry lube. It delivers via liquid and then evaporates, leaving the dry lubricant behind.

Brett Gilbert is with Griffin Communications in Oklahoma City, Okla.

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