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No Internet Delivery Service Is Foolproof

I didn’t get my CAP alert, and now I know why

Radio World invited comments about the recently concluded national EAS test.

My two AM stations in Fountain, Colo., KCEG and KJME, lost internet service from before 11 a.m. until after 2 p.m. MDT on Oct. 4. I have Qwest DSL at the transmitter site. 

Initially I thought power was out, but when the internet connection came back up, the Sage and the automation play log showed that power had not been interrupted and my station played fine through the internet outage.  

The RemotePC connection to two computers and the VNC backup connection showed offline, as did my wireless camera and my wireless power reboot switch. My Sage did not receive the CAP alert, apparently due to the lack of internet service, but it did receive the off-the-air legacy alert from another station and successfully forwarded the test.

I since found out that my DSL was off because someone had cut the phone wire a couple of poles back from the transmitter building. One of the other stations at the site was off-air because he uses T1 as his STL and has DSL as his backup — but the cut wires disconnected both of his sources, and the wires had to be spliced back to reestablish service … about 2 p.m. 

Lesson: In effect, no internet delivery method is foolproof.

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