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Across Europe, Most New Cars Are DAB+ Equipped

DAB+ is standard equipment in 90% of new cars In 13 of the top 15 European car sales markets

According to figures released by WorldDAB, 95% of new cars sold in key European markets were equipped with DAB+ receivers as standard in 2021. The organization credited this level of support to the Electronic Communications Code (EECC), which requires all new car radios sold in the European Union after December 2020 to be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio.

On a country-by-country level, the percentage of new cars equipped with DAB+ receivers ranged from 90% in France to 100% in Italy and Norway. Norway began shuttering its FM networks in 2017.

In Switzerland, which is set to switch off FM in favor of DAB+ by year-end 2024, 99% of new cars had DAB+ receivers as standard. The U.K. and Belgium were both at 98%.

Courtesy WorldDAB. Sources: JATO H2 2021, Digital Radio UK/SMMT/cap hpi, GfK Italia CAWI, Weer GmbH, Digitalradio Norway

In total, 13 of the top 15 car sales markets in Europe have 90% or more of new cars sold with DAB+ receivers as standard equipment. The other two top 15 markets, Sweden and Portugal, were not included in WorldDAB’s report.

The findings echo the Edison Car Buyers Survey figures released last year, which showed that 90% of survey respondents in Europe expected a DAB+ receiver to be standard equipment in any new car they purchased.