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M6 Group Will Use Quortex Streaming

SaaS offering puts HLS protocol to work

M6 Groupe, French broadcasterStreaming services provider Quortex has won a contract from the French radio/TV broadcaster and multimedia company M6 Group.

M6 will use Quortex I/O SaaS to stream its radio services. Both companies are based in France. M6 brands include radio stations RTL, RTL2 and Funradio.

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The announcement was made by Marc Baillavoine, CEO of France-based Quortex, and Valéry Gerfaud, chief of digital innovation technology at M6 Group.

Quortex, digital audio streamingQuortex said it provides “an end-to-end, turnkey service, from the mezzanine feed to the end-user” and is compliant with HLS streaming protocol.

Gerfaud was quoted saying, “M6 Group is the first mover in the French market regarding HLS, and we are looking forward to upcoming developments, such as the integration of dynamic ad insertion and content protection.”

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