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Radioplayer Adopts HLS+ Streaming

A partnership with Super Hi-Fi enables “enhanced listening experiences”

Radioplayer is integrating HLS+ streaming technology into its platform.

“Using Super Hi-Fi’s HLS+ streaming technology, Radioplayer can now offer participating broadcasters the option of enhanced listening experiences for its member automotive and hardware manufacturers,” the organization said.

CEO Yann Legarson said the agreement allows Radioplayer “to generate premium, interactive radio, enhancing the listening experience for our partners and their audiences.”

Legarson made the announcement with Zack Zalon, CEO of Super Hi-Fi.

Super Hi-Fi introduced HLS+ in March. It is a streaming technology that combines live, linear radio with interactivity and personalization in the same audio stream while ensuring compatibility with existing devices and vehicles.

“This new capability enables broadcasters to innovate the listening experience in ways not possible until now and for listeners to start enjoying more engaging listening experiences,” the companies said in a press release.

Zalon said the partnership is important to Super Hi-Fi because Radioplayer is “a critical and broadly distributed platform that can immediately bring our next-generation HLS+ technology to the global automotive and connected device ecosystem.”

Radioplayer is a non-profit organization backed by broadcasters that seeks to keep radio present and simple in connected devices. It works with car companies and radio manufacturers “to maintain radio’s central role in the dashboard by providing reliable, official metadata feeds for connected cars, developing hybrid ‘smart radio’ designs with car companies, and app and voice integrations like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.” It grew out of a 2011 proposal by the BBC to help grow online listening. Today it has a presence in 23 countries.