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Ravenna and Genelec Host AES67 Education Class

AES67 knowledge was brought to Genelec’s London demo facility

Class was in session for those in attendance at the Genelec Experience Centre in London, as Ravenna and Genelec teamed up to host an educational event of AES67.

“Everything You Wanted to Know About AES67 But Were Afraid to Ask” began with an introduction from Roland Hemming of RH Consulting, who provided an overview of audio networking, adoption levels across the industry, and examples of projects that rely on audio networking.

Then ALC NetworX’s Andreas Hildebrand led the class by explaining the specifics of AES67, how it works and how it impacts the industry’s increasingly connected environment. After that, Hildebrand offered a live demo of an AES67 system using a Cymatic Audio uTrack24 multitrack recorder/player, an ARG switch, a Grandmaster clock from Sonifex, a Ravenna Virtual soundcard, and Genelec 8430 IP speakers.

Later, a Dante device was added to the setup to show streams running back and forth between the Ravenna and Dante eco system. Hildebrand said after the event that it is likely that Ravenna will host similar events in the future, though no details are available at this time.