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ABA Adds “Advanced Radio Engineering” Class

Larry Wilkins and the Alabama Broadcasters Association has added a new “Advanced Radio Engineering” class to its 2017 Engineering Academy schedule. It will be offered June 5–9 and then again on Dec. 4–8.

The new class “will feature hands-on demonstrations of various equipment used in a modern radio broadcast facility,” according to the release. Also, company representatives will attend to give guidance about installation, configuration and maintenance of consoles, automation equipment, processors, STLs and transmitters.

Now in its fifth year, the ABA Engineering Academy provides educational classes geared to radio and television engineers, production personnel and live audio engineers, according to the ABA. Other offerings will include the staple “basic broadcast engineering” classes for both radio and television engineers, as well as one-day seminars on various technical subjects.

Offerings especially relevant for radio engineers include (some dates yet to be determined):

  • IP Fundamantals (June 23–24)
  • Digital Audio Workstations (Aug. 3)
  • ATSC 3.0 (March 9)
  • Selection and configuration of IT devices for broadcast operations (TBD)
  • Care and feeding of modern solid state transmitters (TBD)
  • Art of mixing live audio (TBD)

The popular introductory Basic Radio Broadcast Engineering course will be held Feb. 20–24 and Oct. 2–6.

All the classes and seminars are offered at no charge and are held at the ABA Training Center in Hoover, Ala. However, “Basic Radio Broadcast Engineering” and “Advanced Radio Broadcast Engineering” both require a $50 deposit, which will be refunded after the course is completed.